Some of you who enjoyed a working version of Food Expert which was installed on your Alexa devices before April 2019 may find Alexa has trouble answering some questions. We had to change some things in our system which caused this. Good news - it's fixable. Here are two ways to get Food Expert working properly on your Alexa app and devices.

Option 1: Unlink your Selectivor account from the Food Expert skill, then re-link your account. To do this:

Open your Alexa app on your phone > open the card for the Food Expert skill > select Disable Skill > confirm Disable > go back to card for Food Expert > select Enable to Use > select Settings > select Link Account > enter your Selectivor login credentials > you're done.

Option 2: Reset your Amazon devices (Echo, Echo dot, etc). Instructions are at this Amazon link:

Once your device is reset, return to Alexa app on your phone > select menu bar in left upper corner > select Skills & Games > search for Food Expert > install and link the skill to your Selectivor account > you're done.