Before you can access Food Expert by voice, you must enable through Alexa then link with your Selectivor account.

Here's what to do on your mobile:

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device

>Select the menu bar in the left upper corner

>Select Skills & Games

>Search for Food Expert

>Select Food Expert by Selectivor

>Select Enable to Use

>Select Settings

>Select Link Account 

>Login with your Selectivor email login and password.

Note: If you used Facebook sign-in with Selectivor, be sure to create a Selectivor password. You will need it to link your account to Alexa.

Then start asking Food Expert your questions. Here are some examples:

Say “Alexa, open Food Expert”, then ask “Is brown rice OK for someone on a vegan diet and gluten-free diet?” OR “Is tomato juice OK for someone on a heartburn and paleo diet?”

Say “Alexa, open Food Expert”, then ask “Can someone allergic to peanuts have walnuts?”

Say “Alexa, ask Food Expert is hummus OK for me” 

Say “Alexa, open Food Expert”, then ask “Is bacon OK for my team?"

Say “What are Oliver Smith’s favorite foods?”

You can also enable Food Expert via the Alexa Skills Store. 

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Feel your best through food.