The easiest way is by voice. You can use voice via Food Expert by Selectivor on Alexa or Google Assistant. Link your voice account with your Selectivor account. This allows you to ask if a specific food or ingredient is OK for a buddy, group and for you.

Here's another way:

Select the social icon from the footer at the bottom of most screens > Select “My Buddies” from the top navigation bar > Select the buddy you have in mind to open their profile > Select the “>” next to the category you’re looking for. You will not see categories if your buddy hasn’t listed any preferences. 

You can also add them as a recipe filter to find recipes that they can eat. 

Note: Remember that diets are not visible to others. Your buddy may have additional restrictions based on their diet selection that is not mentioned in the other categories.

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Feel your best through food.