If you already have Selectivor on your mobile, simply go to the Google Play Store or App Store and update to the latest version. This should work for most of you. You can use your previous login and password.

Kindly double-check that your info is accurate, including your eating wishes, buddies, groups and profiles you manage. Any changes made in early May may be lost in the update and need to be re-entered. 

If the update isn't working, kindly delete the app then download the latest version. You'll have to re-establish your profile. We think you'll find the new Selectivor experience enjoyable and worth it. 

We will be working around the clock to fix any unexpected issues with the new version. These fixes will be found in frequent app updates. If you encounter any trouble, kindly try updating your app to see if the fix has already been released.

We'll post FAQs on common transition issues here. Also, you can always reach us for any help at oliver@selectivor.com. 

Please accept our sincerest apologies for inconveniences during this major transition. Thanks so much for your patience!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Feel your best through food.