Creating a customized profile is what Selectivor is designed to do best! 

You can personalize your eating wishes these ways:

Diets: List specific health conditions or diets under “My Diets”. Our database has templates of nearly 100 of the most common diets and nearly 50 health condition. 

Allergies: List any food allergies if you have any under “Food Allergies”. You have hundreds of options to list as allergies or sensitivities.

Dislikes & Avoids: List any foods you avoid eating or don't like to eat under “Food I Don’t Like”. This is a cool feature that lets you exclude any food from your eating wishes for whatever reason. Simply don't like something? Let everyone know!  

Loves: List foods you crave under “Food I Love” so your buddies know what to get you.

Favorite recipes: Store your favorite recipes under “Favorite Recipes” so your buddies know what to cook for you.

By using one or all of these features in setting up your profile, you can create a custom eating profile that reflects your individual needs.

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Feel your best through food.