We believe eating is personal and that no single diet fits everyone. In that spirit, Selectivor does not endorse, recommend, suggest or help select any diet or way of eating, as stated in our Terms of Use

We each eat our way for different reasons - taste preference, health goals, personal philosophy, religion, culture or any number of other reasons. Eating is personal and we feel it should be your choice entirely. We're here to support you in your decision without judgment. We also want to help you to effectively, accurately and conveniently communicate your eating needs to others so your needs are never left out.

We created the daily tracker to help you discover what makes you feel your best. Test out different eating styles or try eliminating foods from your diet to see how it feels. Simply set your profile to a way of eating, then track for a few months to see if you start feeling better. If not, try another way of eating and see if this moves the needle. Putting it to the test is the best way for you to learn for yourself what fits you best.

If you need guidance on which diet templates may best fit your needs, we encourage you to consult your health provider to help guide you individually.

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Feel your best through food.