Your privacy is important to us and we've worked hard to include privacy features to help you control what others see about you on Selectivor. Please note that no privacy feature is bullet proof and we're continually working to improve the useful privacy features we already have in place.

Here are a few notes about maintaining your privacy on Selectivor:

Who can find me on Selectivor?

Users are able to search for other people with a Selectivor profile using their user name. However, no further information including eating wishes or contacts are accessible UNLESS you agree to connect with another user.

Who can see my eating wishes?

Only people you accept or invite to connect with as buddies on Selectivor will be able to see your eating wishes.

What can my buddies see about me?

Your diets (including health conditions, cultural and religious diets, etc) are NOT VISIBLE to anyone but you. This mean even buddies will not see your diets.

Any foods you mention under Food Allergies, Food I Don’t Like, Food I Love and Favorite Recipes are visible to your buddies. 

What if I don't want my allergies known?

If you don’t want your buddies to know you have a food allergy but still want those foods restricted in your eating wishes, you can add those foods under “Food I Don’t Like”.

How can I use this as a personal tool without connecting with others?

If you want to use Selectivor as a personal tool and don’t want anyone else to see your eating wishes, don’t connect with anyone as a buddy.

You can also use a pseudonym instead of your true name.

You can find our Privacy Policy here.

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

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