Perhaps you're an omnivore - every chef's favorite guest!

You should still create a Selectivor account for these reasons:

  1. You probably have favorite foods and recipes. When you put these on your profile, your buddies will know what they are and exactly what to make you!
  2. There are probably some foods you simply don't like to eat. Spicy food? Tomato? Oysters? Okra? Mediterranean food? You don't want your food nemesis to show up on your plate. Selectivor lets you tell others what you don't like to eat - without you having to tell them. When setting up your food preferences, simply enter foods you don’t like to eat under “Food I Don't Like”. This will eliminate all the foods you wish to avoid eating from your recipe feed. More importantly, it'll let others know that these foods are a no-go if you're included.
  3. You eat with others. Having a profile allows hosts, event planners and any one who cooks for you to conveniently know the preferences of all their guests so they're not left guessing what to prepare. Think of your Selectivor profile as your food RSVP. Be a good guest - it's a breeze to set up your profile and takes a huge load off of others.

We hope this was helpful!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Feel your best through food.