That's understandable and we're sorry you're having trouble! We're urgently fixing this situation so it doesn't happen in the future.

There are some common reasons you might be having trouble. If you're setting up your food preferences by filling in any or all of the 3 sentences, at this time you MUST select from the auto-suggestions that drop down. Currently, you can't type in a food item that's not in our system. 

Also, if you don't see an item in the auto-suggestions, it probably means we don't have it or that the term you entered isn't matching. Try other names and spellings for the food or diet and see if a suitable result shows up. For example, if you're not finding suggestions for "every tree nut", try "all tree nut" or simply "tree" and you should find a match.

We hope this helps!

Oliver @Selectivor

Selectivor is how we eat together.