We're sorry about that! Your personal dino selfie is a reflection of your eating identity and we want you to be able to have and share it.

On most Android devices, touching the dino for a few seconds opens up options for sharing and saving it. Unfortunately, copying your #name isn't as easy - but you can reproduce the name easily by simply typing it out. 

Our guess is that you're probably an iPhone user. Unfortunately, it's not possible to do this from Apple mobile devices! But don't give up yet because...

Regardless of whether your mobile device is Android or Apple, you can drag, copy and save your dino selfie from all desktops and laptops. Go to your desktop or laptop and try any of the following: click on the dino and drag onto your computer's desktop; simultaneously hit "control" and click on the dino to access copy/save options; right click on the dino to access copy/save options. As for your #name, from desktops or laptops all you have to do is copy and paste.

If you didn't capture your dino selfie the first time around, don't worry! You can always go back to our page on eat.selectivor.com and create another one. 

Once you have your dino selfie, show it off to the world - Tweet, snap and post them for everyone to see! Or use it as your avatar on your Selectivor profile and share that profile with your friends. 

For those of you who still haven't joined the thousands on Selectivor, create your FREE profile at selectivor.com so your needs are never left out.

Hope this helps and may you always eat your way!

Oliver @ Selectivor