Absolutely! Selectivor can certainly help you check the main ingredients of any recipe you're considering for yourself, a group or an event.

The best way to do this is to go to your Food Profile page or that of the group or event. Using Quicksearch, enter all the key ingredients of the food to see if they are OK for you to eat or not. If you find that any of the ingredients are NOT OK, you'll probably want to pass on the packaged food.

Kindly note that there may be some ingredients that our database doesn't recognize. If this happens, please let us know about it and we'll work to get that added for you if possible. Also note that some recipes may contain artificial ingredients and additives that have complicated names. We are currently working hard to get most of these additives added to the database so that we can make Selectivor even more powerful than it already is.

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

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