Potlucks are fun Events! It's a snap to arrange any Event on Selectivor.

Here's how to create a new Event:

  1. Go to your home Dashboard and under "My Events" select the "+" icon to add a new Event. 
  2. Name your Event. Pick something that'll be easy to remember like "My birthday party".
  3. Set the date and time.
  4. Add your guests by selecting people from your Family, Groups or Directory. 
  5. If there are additional people who you can't find in your Family, Groups or Directory, go to "Search by name" and type in their name. As you type, the box will auto-suggest people in your system that matches that name. Select the person that matches.
    1. If no names match, at the bottom of the auto-suggestion list will be 2 options: "Search on Selectivor" and "Invite User".
    2. First try "Search on Selectivor". Enter their name and see if they already have a profile. If so, you can select them and add them to your Directory.
    3. If they're not on Selectivor, go back to the "Search by name" box, start typing, then select "Invite User" from the auto-suggestion list. Now you can enter their email and hit "Send" and they will be invited. Please note: the email field is very specific and you may not be allowed to hit "Send" if there are extra spaces before or after the email address (this happens sometimes when copying and pasting emails).
  6. Add Notes. You can add any information you wish here such as location or foods not found on Selectivor. For potlucks, this is where you can mention the foods or dishes on the menu and who is going to bring them.
  7. Select sharing preferences. Select what you'd like to share with others including the list of people at the event, the Event food profile and any Notes. Also decide who you want to see this information. 
  8. Once people have created an account, you should see them in the Event or you should be able to find them on Selectivor.
  9. Finally, privacy is important to some people. For people concerned about privacy, reassure them that they can send their information privately by selecting HIDDEN under their profile's Privacy Settings. If they choose the HIDDEN setting, their individual food preferences are included in the final Event food profile, but the origin and identity of that information are NOT revealed. For even move privacy, people can use pseudonyms and unique emails on Selectivor to further hide their identity, if desired.

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Selectivor is how we eat together.