That's a great question. People on a commercial diet program still need to share their food preferences, even if they use the program's app for themselves. Selectivor is the best SOCIAL food app that lets you inform others about your food preferences.  

Unfortunately, we don't currently have all commercial diet programs, primarily due to a technical limitations that some of those diets create.

Commercial diet programs aren’t always compatible with a more universal diet platform such as ours. Many commercial diet programs have unique features, including their own packaged meals and foods, as well as special nutrient, caloric or portion recommendations that are not easily configurable for social sharing.

The good news is you can still get much of your food preferences shared with others on Selectivor, even if you're on a commercial diet program that we don't currently include. Here are a few tips that should help when you create your Selectivor profile:

  1. Base your profile on a diet template that already exists on Selectivor that is similar to your commercial diet program. For instance, we have diets such as low fat, low carb, ketogenic, low saturated fat, no red meat, low glycemic, low refined sugars, low processed foods, low dairy and many more that are similar to many commercial diet programs. Enter any of these when creating your profile.
  2. You can also add specific foods that you want to avoid when creating your profile.
  3. If there are any other features you'd like to share such as caloric information or food combinations, use the Notes feature to mention these when you create and share a Group or Event. To learn how to create Notes, go here [link to how to create Notes].

We hope this helps!

Oliver @ Selectivor

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