The variety of foods we eat and how we eat them are vast and expanding. Selectivor's database is growing by the day. We're committed to continue expanding it based on the needs of users like you so that we one day achieve our goal of helping everyone always eat their way. Our technology currently contains an impressive list of over 500 food items and almost 100 diets. However, we realize the food universe doesn’t end here. 

If you find there’s a food or diet missing that’s critical for your eating preferences, here are two things you can do:

  1.  First, let us know about what's missing through any of our help or feedback channels. We’ll work to get that added for you if possible. 
  2. Second, when you organize an Event or Group, use the Notes section to include the food or diet that's missing. Then share these Notes with others so everyone is aware.

Our nutrition experts are working hard to expand our capabilities to meet your needs. We’re also working on adding consumer packaged goods, recipes and eventually restaurant items, so keep an eye out for updates.

We hope this was helpful!

Oliver @ Selectivor

Selectivor is how we eat together.